The Cultivating Jewels Podcast Episode 004 Show Notes

Bella lives in Austraila with her husband and two sweet sons. She is passionate about knowing God’s Word and helping other women become well acquainted with it as well. To that end her latest project is A Holy History which you can find on her blog. A Holy History is a short booklet which has six reflections looking at the big sweep of Old Testament History and the promises God made to His people and how Jesus fulfills them every step of the way.

What we chat about in today’s episode:

The Bible as a whole encompassing both the Old and New Testament into one story

God is the same, throughout the Bible, He cannot change.

How God uses people (Esther, David, Abraham, etc.) to point to Jesus

God always had a plan to redeem His people

God is merciful, loving and kind

Looking for Jesus in your own Bible reading

Resources mentioned:

The Next Right Thing Podcast by Emily P Freeman

Quotes from our Chat:

“The Old Testament really shows God’s heart to rescue His people (through Jesus).”

“God is Holy, and still He has a deep love for His people. The big question of the Bible is how can a Holy God be in relationship with sinful people?”

“He makes a way for us to be with Him, and this is the story of the Bible. We see Him doing it again and again.”

“The Old Testament narrative is like the pieces of a puzzle, all coming together to show how God is working to save His people. The picture comes together with Jesus.”

“My big bit of advice (on how to get into the Bible for anyone who is struggling) is to look for Jesus. It is the same God in the whole Bible, God does not change. Anything we can say of God in the New Testament we can say of Him in the Old.”

“Queen Esther reminds us of Jesus because Esther comes into the King’s presence to intercede and save her people. This reminds us of Jesus because, we were in great danger (by our sin) and Jesus comes into the Father’s presence to intercede for us. Jesus didn’t just risk His life, He laid it down for us.”

“All the heroes of the Old Testament have a story of sin.”

“The groundwork for every promise that is to come is found in Genesis 3 when Adam and Eve sin against the Lord and sin enters into the world. That God would send this one person (Jesus) to defeat the enemy.”

“God delivers them (The Israelites) and He gives them the law and He gives them the Sacrificial system to help them live out that covenant relationship.”

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