The Cultivating Jewels Podcast Episode 007 Show notes

What we chat about in today’s episode:

This episode is all about how we can plan for Christmas and keep our proverbial cup full. In it we talk about:

– The importance of keeping Jesus first, even in the hustle and bustle of the season.
– Walking by the Spirit in what our holiday looks like.
– What is our proverbial cup and what things cause it to not be full

– A planning tip to keep your holiday meaningful for your family

– Encouragement to bless others

Resources mentioned:

Rebekah Hargrave’s Facebook ministry Page –

Quotes from our Chat:

Going into the Holiday season is a step above normal life, we have to be intentional about the holidays in order to make them what we want for them to be. Days that our children will look back on and remember the nostalic magic that was Christmas, times that we will recall even into the next year of sitting around the table with our loved ones sharing our hearts and meals.

We simply will not experience fullness if we allow our cups to run empty and don’t take a moment to fill them back up.

How will I prepare Him room in the twenty-four hours I am given each day? (Quote from Rebekah Hargraves writing read on show)

If we take Him out of the equation….sure we can check off all our boxes we can go Christmas shopping we can make cookies we can do all the traditional things that we do at Christmas…but if we don’t have Christ, if we’re not walking by the Spirit and daily taking time to slow down and commune with our Father, our cups will eventually run empty.

The good thing is – just with any other time of year – there is no formula (to spending time with Christ). You don’t have to wake up to a silent house, and have a perfect cup of coffee, have birds singing outside while snow silently falls outside to have a good time of connection with the Lord.

You’ll want to ignore the voices telling you if you don’t make your aunts fruit cake your Christmas will surely be ruined. Unless of course it will be. If you love your aunts fruit cake and that’s a tradition you’ve had in your family for a long time…sister friend make the fruit cake!

We grew up with different traditions (than that of our spouse) and sometimes something that doesn’t mean a lot to us, is a huge deal to them. We want to make sure we are doing our best to incorporate those things into our season.

Be very careful that you’re not overextending yourself this Christmas. … You don’t want to have so much on your plate, trying so hard to make a perfect Christmas for your family and your children that it becomes the opposite because you’re so stressed and burned out by the end of the season.

May I encourage you to add at least one thing to your schedule this season that is going to bless someone else? It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. You can write up a nice card and send it to someone, you can bake cookies for a neighbor I know from experience that doing things to bless others, blesses us and brings such a richer meaning to our seasons.

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