Celebrating Abundance this Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas songs is never recorded in the Bible. We know nothing of a little boy who showed up with his drum, rat-a-tat-tatting for baby Jesus. This song has always been dear to my heart (even before I had two little boys to call my own) because of the sweetness behind the idea of such a gift. A little boy, giving his all in a drum solo for Christ.

Christmas this year holds special meaning for me. To say God brought me through the waters in some miraculous ways this year is nothing short of the truth. This year, my lesson, perhaps more than any other is that joy and trial, joy and hardship can exist in the same moment. They are even one in the same if I am allowing the trial to draw me to the Only True Source of Joy. This, for me was quite the revolutionary concept as I have always been a very black and white thinker, believing its either this way or that, leaving no room for a “both and” situation.

This year, in the midst of some really hard circumstances, I had a choice to make. Would I allow the hard to shadow Christ in my life or I would “allow Him” to shine the light of His love on my circumstances and keep putting one faithful foot right in front of the other. It’s not always easy. We can read words and shake our head in agreement, we can make vows to ourselves (and to God) when all is well and right in our world, but when the going really gets tough and we have a choice to make; when we through our brokenness, must cling to the hem of His robe with all that we have, it’s then that our faith is built. Then that we are giving our best “gift” to God.

bird's-eye view photography of houses and cathedral near snow mountain

I have built my ministry on the truth found in John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. I believe this to be true, because I have lived it.

We who belong to Christ are prime targets for Satan’s schemes and friend, he is relentless. He will do anything it takes, go to any length to pull us from our One True Love. Our enemy’s core desire is to see us suffer, to see us place the blame of our brokenness square on God’s shoulders, that we would turn from Him and leave room for Satan to kill, steal and destroy.

This Christmas, I want us to slow down the hustle and bustle of the season, long enough to really understand the miracle that is Christ coming into the world that we may have everlasting abundant life. That we would truly understand and wrap our minds and hearts around the fact that Jesus came as a baby, to die on a cross, for you and for me. What a gift.

Many of us have grown up hearing it, or have heard it so many times that it looses its impact. Yeah, yeah I know…thanks God we think as we rush off to do what we think matters in our lives.

In this season its the light hanging, cookie baking and gift shopping that the enemy uses to distract us from the truth. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with any of those things. God is a God of celebration and jubilee, a God who wants us to have abundant life and to take joy in the moments He has given. It’s simply when we don’t acknowledge the true gift, the true meaning of the season that Satan can so cleverly sneaks into our hearts and leads us astray.

He will do it with whatever it takes, even if it is the fun of celebrating Christmas.

brown wooden board with silver baubles

So, this week, as we inch up on Christmas can I encourage you to sit in the stillness and reflect on what we know is truth. That over two thousand years ago now, God entered into our world, as a tiny helpless little baby, to save our souls, to create a bridge leading us back to God?

May I encourage you to think of the goodness of God, “even if”. Even if it has been a hard year for you, even if you feel you are walking in the dark and don’t know what the next steps will be, even if … come what may. God is here and He is good. Oh so good.

Praise Him with me this Christmas by giving Him the gift of your time. The gift of your undivided attention. Make a list of all the ways you have seen the Lord move in 2021 and rejoice. Even if those times were hard fought for.

My own list looks a little like this

1). His faithfulness through the loss of our precious baby
2). His protection through a trial that could have ended much different if not for His intervention
3). His steadfast love, through all the seasons of my life.

Another lesson I have had to learn in my walk with the Lord is that there is not one person this side of heaven who has a perfect life. Hallmark, Pinterest, and Social Media Highlight reels would make us want to believe differently, but it’s simply not true. Trial and tribulation touches every single one of us. We live in a broken, fallen world, but in that world is the abundance of Christ. We are not left without hope.

A weary world rejoices!

Friends, have a beautiful Christmas week and truly, take the time to slow down and sit in the presence of God. Bask in His goodness and give Him all the glory. He is worthy! Soli Deo Gloria

Merry Christmas!

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