The Cultivating Jewels Podcast Episode 010 Show Notes

The Cultivating Jewels Podcast Episode 010 Show Notes

Brittany Pennel is a wife, mom and author living in NE Kansas with her sweet family on a farm. Her heart is to equip and encourage women to live more intentionally.

What we chat about in today’s episode:

The Importance of Intersectionality

Brittany’s story of becoming more intentional in her faith and how that has been live changing for her

How we can all be more intentional in our walk with the Lord

Setting intentional goals this New Year and avoiding the all or nothing mindset

Resources that will help you to become more intentional

Resources mentioned:

Settle my Soul by Karen Ehmen and Ruth Schwenk

100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs

Brittany’s blog and Etsy shop (see below)

A Few Quotes from our Chat:

“It is super important for my children to see me setting my intentions for the day, my child is seeing me spend time with the Lord, which I feel is super important, especially in the way I am trying to be intentional in running our home and intentional in walking in my faith, which includes raising my children in the faith.”

“I was walking with Christ before my accident, but it made me realize that in an instant things could have changed for me and my family. … It put so many things into perspective for me. Including many many reasons why I needed to be more intentional than I was being in my time with God.”

“I just kind of thought about if I had died in that moment would I have stood before God and been able to tell him that I led my home as a mother and wife the way I should have, did my kids see me build a foundation in Christ myself, even if it was 6 am and they need a snack? Would I have been doing my best in loving and serving my family best and sharing the gospel…could I have said yes to these questions if He had asked me?”

All of the earthly things (home décor, coffee every morning, nice clothes…) sometimes we think these are the most important but if something would have happened to me that day, none of these things would have mattered anymore. Probably not to my family and certainly not to me, I would have just had more to answer for. When I think about all of that, I realize that is not what is important. It really just changes your entire mindset of what you need to focus on first.

Going all in or nothing is such a dangerous place to be. There is no grace or love when that mentality gets interrupted. … We are not perfect and we will mess up, there will be interruptions, there will be things in life that happen. To me, there is no way to have the all or nothing mentality and be successful.

Choose a goal and do your imperfect best.

We were never created to or meant to do it all. Taking the all or nothing road can only lead to exhaustion, burnout, grumpiness and a feeling of lacking. Which is not at all joyful. Instead, do your best and try everyday, that is where your joy will be found.

There is so much value in going to God with the intention of your heart. Step away from the things that are stopping you (making it about checking it off a list) and just do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Open the word and ask Him to meet you. There is no better way of getting out of a faith rut than asking God for help.

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