The Cultivating Jewels Podcast 012 Shownotes

The Cultivating Jewels Podcast 012 Shownotes

What we chat about in today’s episode:

This episode is all about the blessings and journey of special needs parenting. In it Lauren and I talk about:

– What the term Special needs incorporates and how to go about correct word usage when speaking of those with special needs or disabilities. As well as differing opinions and feelings on the terminology
– Lauren’s personal journey of special needs parenting
– Not ever wanting to change our children, because, we know and trust God gave them to us just as He meant for them to be in this world
– Whatever struggles are happening right now, will not last forever. As easy as it can be to get caught up in the words, letters, therapies needed, etc. Our children wont be in this hard forever
– The importance of finding your village who understands and supports you as a special need parent
– Mental health/Disability in the church : resources to help
– How to deal with negative comments
– It’s okay for it to be hard and exhausting but these kids are made in His image just the same as any neurotypical child is
– God made this child and gave them to you to parent on purpose

Resources mentioned:

Nathaniel’s Hope – A program that helps trains churches to provide respite for families and parents who are giving care to people with disabilities and special needs.

Ability Ministry – Instagram run by a disabled adult

Disability in the church (book) Lamar Hardwick

Refugee Alan Gratz

Quotes from our Chat:

“One of my big things is that I don’t want any of these therapies to change our children, I want it to help them cope. Their personalities are something that I don’t want to force out of them to behave in a way that is more socially acceptable. I want them to still be themselves.”

“I want them to realize that society may not have been built exactly for who they are, but who they are isn’t a bad thing. It’s society that has to change and meet them in a place where they are able to thrive in it.”

“I’ve had to learn to not look for what we can’t do and look at families that we can’t be and (instead) be really grateful for the family that we are and the people that we are and the things that we are able to do.”

“It’s also really helped me to have a faith in the future. … It’s more important for me to be here in the moment and have faith that God will handle the future. He already has his hands all over it, he had his hands in my womb when my children were formed and He has them on them right now and the future is on Him.”

“It’s so important for your child to hear from other people, that there is nothing wrong with them. It is so huge for our kids to know that they are not broken, they are not bad.. not wrong, they’re humans who have a different functioning brain than what society thinks is good.”

“80% of people who have a member with autism do not attend church. That is not to say that none of these families are believers, but the church has a lot of work to do in regards to disability, and special needs and mental health.”

“It’s really easy to start to be easy at the church and sit in your anger, on how they handle things, these are people who have experienced first hand the oppression, the disregard, some of the really terrible things that have happened in churches and they are still sitting there trying to help people understand and be better for the next generation.”

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