The Cultivating Jewels Podcast Episode 013 Show notes

The Cultivating Jewels Podcast Episode 013 Show notes

An Introduction to Laura

I am a wife to my Handsome Hubby and Mumma to our four beautiful kidlets. I love reading and writing and speaking about the truth and love of God. I am passionate about my relationship with Jesus and love doing this life with Him. I am in awe of the power of God’s Word and the revelation of His Truth to bring freedom and wholeness to our lives.

What we chat about in today’s episode:

Looking at emotions as something neither right or wrong, simply an expression of our hearts and minds
Being created in the image of God, an emotional God, and what that means in relation to how we handle emotions

Walking by the Spirit and daily surrendering our feelings to Him

Bible verses and resources to help you along the way

Taking every thought captive

Resources mentioned:

Dr. Caroline Leaf books

Louie Giglio – Don’t Give the Enemy a Seat at your Table

Joyce Meyer – Battlefield of the Mind

Greg Rochelle Winning the War in Your Mind

Francine Rivers – Her Mother’s Hope Series

Francine Rivers – The Masterpiece

Quotes from our Chat:

“Living in surrender should be our whole lives… our emotions are an integral part of being human, of how God created us.”

“I think surrendering our emotions is an integral part of living the way Christ lived, and living the way He called us to live. If we don’t surrender them I really believe it leaves the door open for the enemy to come in and speak his lies.”

“Scripture is very clear that fear… (2 Timothy 1:7 were not given a spirit of fear…power, love, sound mind) is not of God. yet it is an emotion we feel.”

“Is this emotion rooted in the truth of who God says I am…of who God says He is?”

“I always thought ‘well that’s just who I am, I am an emotional person’, but as the Lord in His gracious way, began to teach me about walking in freedom. I had to come to a place of realization, of what was not surrendered. The Lord really opened my eyes to the fact that my emotions were not surrendered to Him.”

“He is such a loving Father, it’s not like He just says “come on, get up, get on with it, you know I am real, you know I am true, you know we all win in the end, you know the story.”

“Journaling is a great way to work through what we are feeling and the emotions that we are experiencing. I really think that is a great way to be aware and then when you are aware you can surrender them, especially if they are not in alignment with God’s word.”

“So much of this world today is about ourselves – – nowhere in Scripture does it say put yourself first.”

“When I think of the word surrender, I think of “white flag surrender”, but its not that we are giving up our lives, its different than that. We are actually handing over our life to the One who made it, and Created it to be abundant. He offers us abundance, freedom, peace, strength and hope in return. Why wouldn’t we want all of these things?”

“Surrendering and choosing to trust God daily leads to our best life.”

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