The Cultivating Jewels Podcast Episode 014 Show Notes

The Cultivating Jewels Podcast Episode 014 Show Notes

What we chat about in today’s episode:

This solo episode is in awareness of February 21-27th which is National Eating Disorder Awareness week. We discuss:

– The importance of ministering to the addicted population (and specifically for this niche, those with eating disorders).
– What an eating disorder is and is not
– Statistics regarding these disorders
– My personal story of having an eating disorder
– Encouragement for the person who is walking through the fire
– How to support your loved one with an eating disorder

Resources mentioned:

Quotes from our Chat:

“We are not called to wash our hands of those with addictions. We are called to love them, to create relationships with them, to invite them to sit at our table, to love them to the Lord. And friends, I don’t know about you, but I would much rather it say on my resume if you will, she was willing to enter the mess to love on people. she reached a hurting people with the gospel meeting them right where they were, right in their brokenness. Rather than “she was too holy to leave her safe zone, she didn’t want to get her hands dirty. She failed to love even the least of these.”

“The Lord never wastes a hurt, the Lord never allows us to walk through something without coming away with a lesson. That lesson is not only for us, but also to reach other people.”

“It is estimated that 30 million people overall have eating disorders, to put that into perspective a little bit, the entire population of the state of Texas is 29.7 million. We are no longer talking about a fringe minority.”

“Symptoms are mostly secretive at first, but there comes a point for someone who is struggling with eating disorders, where the symptoms can no longer be secretive.”

“For someone facing an eating disorder (or any other type of addiction) covering their tracks is a full time job.”

There is caution for parents, or anyone really, who has a role in a child’s life to be very careful about how we speak in front of them. The momma who looks into the mirror and criticizes her body has a young child – girl or boy – who is looking on and learning the same traits.”

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