Cultivating Jewels Show Notes 015 –

Cultivating Jewels Show Notes 015 –

Today, I brought my husband onto the podcast with me! Being that Valentine’s day was earlier this week, and our eleventh anniversary of meeting on the 23rd of February, I thought it would be fun to do an episode with him.
Lance is a loving and devoted Christian, husband and father. He works as an engineer and grew up on a family ranch. He has lived in Montana all of his life, except for a brief stint in Kansas after college.

… I think he is pretty amazing!

What we chat about in today’s episode:

In this episode we share our story, from both sides. I think so often when we hear people’s love stories, it comes from the woman. I wanted to include his thoughts and perspective into our chat as well.

Hear how I went from vowing I would never meet someone online, to in fact meeting my Lance online.

The couple who was the most inspirational for both of us in starting our relationship.

Our advice for newly wed couples.

We talk about some of the hard things we have walked through as a couple.

We chat about our favorite things about each other.

We answer the question of what it takes to have a Godly marriage.

Resources mentioned:

Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs

Quotes from our Chat:

“The third or fourth click up came mister Lance Thomas…and I was definitely interested. He will tell you at the time I was a wallflower, it was not like me to reach out and make connection with someone I had never known before. I did email him.”

“We decided to meet in person at my grandparents home. I don’t think I have ever paced a kitchen so much before or sense (waiting for him to arrive). I was so anxious for him to show up, and really not even knowing what to think. I will tell you when I opened that door, I don’t know what it was, the Holy Spirit or what, but it was like ‘I am going to marry this man’.”

“I wanted to make sure I was sure. I obviously prayed about it and consulted God. I took advice from parents and my one living grandmother who had met Amber.”

“Keep each other first, it’s important to honor and respect your extended family, but it is between the two of you and God to make decisions for your family unit.”

“Communicate your needs and desires. If you are not communicating basically you’re failing.”

“I took comfort in the fact that we can trust God, I have to remind myself of that a lot, and I have to remind Amber of that too. It’s God’s plan, His plan is so much more wondrous. We don’t have to understand, it’s not our place. It is our place to follow and obey.”

“My favorite thing about Lance Thomas… I always have loved and appreciated what a hard worker he is. .. I also love how sweet he is in his own way. … I also love watching him be a daddy.”

“My favorite thing about Amber is watching her be a strong and faithful mother to our boys. … obviously I love her and she is my beautiful wife, but that is one of my most favorite things about Amber.”

“Keep practicing. Marriage is a blessing, but it’s never going to be easy all of the time. Again, we are all just sinners. Keep the faith, love God, keep each other first (under God). Make time for each other.”

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