A Letter to the woman in recovery of an eating disorder

A Letter to the woman in recovery of an eating disorder

Dear One,

You are not broken. Hear me when I say that. You are not broken. You are beautiful and a precious creation of the Lord God Himself. He formed you together in your mother’s womb with such intention and care, dreaming of the gift you would one day be to the world. His thoughts for you began before He even breathed the stars out into the night sky. Oh how He loves you.

You are not broken, no matter how shattered you feel, no matter how many things you’ve walked through that threatened to tear you apart. We live in a sin shattered world, with an enemy who seeks to steal, kill and destroy. An enemy who disguises himself in your eating disorder.

The Lord, the God of heavens armies, the very one who calls you His own, has a plan for you. It is a plan of redemption, to set you free of the chains that weigh so heavy. Hear me when I say, He will go to insane lengths to set you free. His desire for you is abundance, that you would feast on the abundance He offers.

I know that you are weary. I know that those chains surrounding you feel safe, they are what you know and living without them seems impossible. But remember with me for a moment will you?

Remember back to that little girl who so freely danced, who chased butterflies and dreamed of all that life could be. What would it look like to get back to that sense of freedom, that sense of wonder? We are called to have a child like faith, to thrive and laugh and to play. To be innocent of the ways of the world.

Addiction (your eating disorder) has taken that from you. Hear me loud and clear when I say I understand you can’t just wave a wand and fix the brokenness inside you. You’re not expected to. Our Father tells us in Exodus 14:14 that we only need to remain still and He will fight for us.

Celebrate the fact that you have made the decision to recover. That is huge! On your hardest days remember your why. Remember the weight of the chains that are falling off of you. Embrace the feeling of hope.

On those days when your chains call your name and beckon you to come back, remember why you are fighting. Remember that you have so much to fight for. You are a beloved child of God, and there is abundance to be had. Suit up with the armor of God and allow the Lord to fight on your behalf. Be still and know that He is God.

I want you to know that if you feel like you’re in the depths of despair, I’ve been there. If the ‘hell’ that you’re experiencing feels like it will never end, I’ve been there. If you feel like a failure and like you just can’t do it, I’ve been there.

I want you to know, because, God set me free and He can set you free as well. If you ever need anyone to talk to about any of this please do not hesitate to reach out. Together (with the Lord’s help) we can keep the monster within at bay. Together we will fight.


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