Cultivating Jewels Shownotes 017

Cultivating Jewels Shownotes 017

On this Solo Episode we’re chatting about:

The Lord laid on my heart the idea of sharing what the Lord is doing in my life right now, often I have a predetermined topic when I am writing or speaking but today I felt led to share what the Lord was doing in my life at this moment.

* The importance of sharing our stories so that we can inspire and encourage others

* God’s character

* The impact of the words “me too”

* The fact the Lord is always doing a lot in our lives

* What we can take from the book of Leviticus

* What I am learning from my current Bible reading

* Our Sanctification Journey

* The importance of keeping God first

* The power of prayer in our lives

* The restoration of the Lord in our lives

Quotes from our Chat:

Sometimes it takes walking through a season and realizing that puzzle piece fits there sometimes it takes talking to a friend as they are able to pull out what the Lord is doing. Other times it is readily apparent.

The laws of Leviticus were not created to hold the Old Testament believer in legalism. They were laws to set them free, laws that they would be able to commune and have relationship with God.

Sanctification can be downright exhausting. Change is hard, growth is hard. Getting out of our comfort zone is hard. If we take the lesson from Leviticus, if we know God’s character to know that He is tender and He is faithful and He is full of grace and wants the best for us, sanctification becomes something we are more willing to bear.

Don’t lose the goodness of God (in the fire). Cling to Him.

When we go to anyone else before God, we are inadvertently putting that person in a place they don’t really belong in our lives.

Look for areas where you lost something and the Lord restores. The Lord always goes onto restore things in our lives.

We don’t walk through hard things alone. He doesn’t leave us in the fire alone. Trust the Lord, go back to His character.

God will not keep us in the fire any longer than He needs us there. He is right there in the fire with us.

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