Cultivating Jewels Show Notes 018 –

Cultivating Jewels Show Notes 018 –


Anne Markey is a Christian speaker and author of the Bible study:Who and I? Discover who you are in Christ. Through her blog One Determined life she helps women understand the Bible and apply it to their lives.

What we chat about in today’s episode:

The heart of this episode is found in what it means to walk by the Spirit. In it Anne and I discuss:

* What that phrase actually means

* The faith journey we are all on and how following God’s leading plays such a crucial role

* The control we fight for and how it’s easier (and so much better) to simply trust the Lord

* How listening to the Lord’s leading (walking by the Spirit) truly is a process, a journey

* God stories from Anne’s own life as she has learned to heed the voice of God

* God is very specific when it comes to the direction He gives

* How you can learn to walk by the Spirit if this is a new concept to you

* Steps to know it is truly God speaking and not an “outside voice”

* The truth that most often obedience comes with a journey

* Encouragement from Abraham (a father of the faith)

* The importance of writing down your God stories and remembering the work of God in your own life

Resources mentioned:

Book – Educated by Tara Westover

Quotes from our Chat:

“Walking by the Spirit is looking to God for directions in the steps that we take.”

“Just because it’s a good choice doesn’t mean that’s the next step Jesus wants you to take.”

“We can have really very strong direction from the Lord and know exactly what He is calling us to, but still be unsure of the specific steps we need to take.”

“The Lord in His time will open the door as He comes.”

“Steps to know it’s God speaking
1. Get to know God – through reading Scripture
2. The Lord’s voice will never (ever, ever) contradict what the Bible says

3. The Lord will always repeat, or affirm it in other ways”

“There are going to be times when we doubt and we have to wrestle it out and we have to work it out and trust God. What I have found is that each time we trust the Lord and we see Him provide for us and work in our lives, the next time it is a little bit easier.”

“The more times the Lord provides for us and shows Himself to us, the easier it becomes.”

“Write down your God stories so that when you are in that place of discouragement you can go back and see specific examples in your own life.”

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