Cultivating Jewels Show Notes – 020

Cultivating Jewels Show Notes – 020

What we chat about in today’s episode: We are starting a new mini-series, beginning today March 31 and going until Thursday April 28th, each solo episode we have.

Mini Series Title: A Deep Dive into Biblical Womanhood

* God stories behind both characters in the Bible and our lives

* Two camps of where the church places themselves when it comes to Biblical womanhood

* My story in how I came to find more balance in this area

* Gleaning wisdom from those who have gone before

* The call to find balance

* Biblical womanhood can look many different ways – there is no cookie cutter

* One is beautiful, but when we come together they are exquisite

* Defining women in the Bible with Scripture and not tradition

* Examples of women from the Bible

* Characteristics of women in the Word

* Corrie ten Boom – her life and what we can learn from it

Resources mentioned: Book –
The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom

Quotes from our Chat:

“Biblical womanhood…as with so many other things needs to strike a balance.”

“God created womanhood, so He gets to define what it looks like.”

“There is no cookie cutter version of what a Christian woman ought to look like.”

“Not every woman of the Bible had the same personality, the same life story, the same roles to play.”

“Hannah realized that what God had given her in Samuel, had always been the Lord’s and she gave him right back to God.”

“Corrie ten Boom teaches us to love the Lord in the face of hardship. It can be easy to follow after Christ when things are going well, but when things turn hard it can be a different story.”

“It’s super easy for us to love our people, but what do we do in the face of loving our enemies? Maybe they are not ‘enemies’ like we would have in a war, but what do we do with that person who gets under our skin just a little more than we would like them to? Are we willing to love them as well?”

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