Cultivating Jewels Show notes 022 –

Cultivating Jewels Show notes 022 –

What we chat about in today’s episode: This is the second installment on our mini series devoted to studying Christian women throughout history. Today, we took a moment to look at the three “women of Easter”, ironically all named Mary.

– The fact that Easter is not as big as it should be in the church body

– We celebrate a Risen Savior…we are missing out if we are not making this a big deal

– Women were the first to be witnesses of Jesus Christ’s resurrection

– The call to be reflective over the Easter narrative this year

– Mary of Bethany anointing Jesus’ feet

– The response of the pharisee

– The connection of Mary to Lazarus, how that has caused her to be viewed in the church

– Neither Mary of Bethany, nor Mary Magdalene were prostitutes – its not Scriptural

– The importance of how we read Scripture

– The battle of good and evil in our hearts

– Find time to draw near to the Savior’s side

– Mary Magdalene was set free of 7 demons

– Mary Magdalene was one of the few women who stayed by Jesus’ side through His death, burial and resurrection

– The importance of slowing down and immersing ourselves in Scripture

– Mary the mother of Jesus and her role in Jesus’ life, the truths that she was not holy but rather an open vessel for the Lord

– Jesus taking care of Mary (His mother) even as He hung on a the cross and why this was important

– Reminiscing “through the eyes” of Mary of Magdalene and Mary the mother of Jesus

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Quotes from our Chat:

“Mary of Bethany has been made a hero, especially in our busy world where a lot of our church messages revolve around slowing down to spend time with Jesus, we give this Mary (Mary of Bethany) a place of reverence.”

“The battle of walking by the Spirit versus carrying out the desires of our fleshly nature is a battle we are well acquainted with. But the best news of Easter is that Jesus died on the cross and rose again and therefore has final victory!”

“You do not need a church building to draw close to the Lord.”

“Jesus set Mary free of seven demons, what is it that He has set you free of?”

“Those of us who have been forgiven much, have learned to love Jesus much, He is the one and the only One that was able to smash our chains! He loved us enough right in our darkness that He brought us through the darkness. He stood in the darkness with us, and instead of leaving us there, brought us into His eternal life!”

“Love drew me near, freedom made me stay.”

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