Cultivating Jewels Podcast Show Notes 023 –

Cultivating Jewels Podcast Show Notes 023 –

What we chat about in today’s episode: We continue our mini-series looking into a handful of Christian women in history, this week with Susanna Wesley. She is known as the mother of Methodism.

Why black and white thinking can be harmful

What it means to be a Christian

Susanna’s early life (family, education)

Susanna’s marriage

Susanna’s motherhood and upbringing of her children

What it is we can learn from Susanna

Quotes from our Chat:

“Just because someone does something charitable does not mean they wear the name of Christ. The prophet Isaiah (from the Old Testament) tells us that all of our righteousness, apart from Christ of course, is nothing but filthy rags.”

“It is very harmful when we are trying to use one crayon to paint a whole picture. As with all things there are nuances.”

“We would not identify as a soccer player, if we had not ever touched a soccer ball. We would not call ourselves a soccer player if we were sitting on the sidelines and making up our own rules for how the game should be.”

“Susanna’s father did a magnificent job of educating even his daughters, in a time where the education of females was not something that was highly prioritized.”

“Just because infant death was more common in her day, does not mean it was any less painful.”

“The more I looked into and studied Susanna’s life, the more the word resilient kept coming up in my mind. I do believe a part of being a Christian woman is to have the character trait of being resilient.”

“Us mothers can appreciate the fact that Susanna took it upon herself, that when her children were being fed “spiritual milk” to give them meat. It wasn’t just something that she put up with because that’s what they had, instead she stepped up to the plate and really taught her children spiritual matters. Likely John and Charles ideas of Methodism grew out of some of these teachings she had taught them.”

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