Cultivating Jewels Show notes 024 –

Cultivating Jewels Show notes 024 –

What we chat about in today’s episode: This is the final episode in our mini-series on Biblical womanhood, looking at Christian woman down throughout history.

We recap the ladies we have studied and what they teach us that we can glean for our own lives

The women this week is Gladys Alyward who was a missionary to China in/around the 1930s.

We talk about her story of how God planted the seed in her heart to serve the Chinese people, obstacles she encountered in trying to get to China and how it eventually all played out.

We discuss the work she did as a missionary and how the Lord provided for her

We delve into a little bit about praying and waiting for God to answer our prayers

…and more!

Quotes from our Chat:

“We don’t come to Christ in order that we continue to live in our sinful flesh, we come to Christ in order that we would be sanctified and daily look more and more like Him.”

“She (Corrie ten Boom) trusted, that no matter what color He chose to weave with, no matter what circumstance he brought into her life, it was purposeful and it would grow her in Him.”

“The words of Jesus where He is talking to Martha and says ‘Martha, Martha your are anxious and troubled about many things but only one thing is necessary’; how many times in our own lives have we heard that voice of the Spirit in our hearts telling us we are worried and concerned over many things when truthfully only one thing matters?”

“How many of us are actually taking the time out of our days to go beyond just reading the bible for ten minutes in the morning to check it off of a to do list, and instead really sitting at His feet to learn from Him; to learn His voice, to learn His will for our lives, to learn what a great and glorious God He is.”

“It’s very easy for us twenty-first century American Christians, who are comfortable in our faith, and value that comfortableness, to more or less shut down any idea of serving God when it is in the face of danger. We do not like to be persecuted, we don’t like to be brought out of our comfort zones. Yet this teenage girl (Mary) teaches us so much about what that radical kind of faith should look like.”

“I would venture to say that for our flesh, Biblical womanhood is not an easy calling, it is the dying of our flesh. But, it is the most beautiful thing a woman could be called to.”

“Gladys Aylward failed her theology exam and was told she would not be able to go to China.”

“God’s answers do not always come at the time we think they should. Even still, it is crucial that we continue to pray about things, so we know that our will is lined up with His and are therefore not tempted to give up. I think it’s very easy to give up when we have waited…and waited…and waited.”

“It can be easy for us to get so focused on something we would like the Lord to do in our lives, that we can block out everything else He is doing because He has not answered one prayer.”

Resources Mentioned on this episode: Foley, Avery. “Gladys Alyward.” Answers in Genesis September 22, 2017.

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