Cultivating Jewels Show Notes 025 –

Cultivating Jewels Show Notes 025 –

Topic: We are starting a series on the book I wrote with my dear friend, Rebekah Hargraves; Friendship Matters Cultivating Meaningful Connections in an Isolated World.

What we chat about in today’s episode: Friendship

– The definition of friendship
– The idea of friendship being all over the media
– We get to choose our friends (unlike our families)
– The bedrock of friendship is affection
– The connection of “me too”
– What the book of Proverbs has to say about friendship
– Friendship should be lifegiving
– The promise we can pray for friendship and the Lord will bless
– We have to be the type of friend we want
– Going back to a slower growth, rather than a hustle culture
– What loneliness is not

– Our fear of being real
– We are meant to be a communal people
– The blessing of belonging

– The importance of sharing our story
– Walking with the wise
– Iron sharpening iron friendship

Resources mentioned:
Book –
Friendship Matters Cultivating Meaningful Connections in an Isolated World
Podcast –

Quotes from our Chat:

“When we can trust our friends with our heart and story, laugh ourselves silly, turn around and have deep conversation, and literally talk about everything under the sun; that’s when friendship is life-giving.”

“Friendship takes work. It takes continually working on ourselves and working on our relationship in order to work. Again, when it does work, friendship is one of the most life-giving blessings the Lord has given His people.”

“We live in a society, where we would rather exchange a quick “hey how are you” text with a friend, than taking the time and having the initiative to invite them over for dinner, to sit down across the table and share coffee and share our hearts together. Friend, in case you don’t realize this, that’s the enemy’s plan. The Lord knows how important this connection is, the Lord made us for connection, we are built for friendship.

“Loneliness is not a problem of not being able to connect with someone else. Instead it is a failure to connect with people in our own personal lives. How hard is it to invite someone else into our homes, into our real, into our vulnerable. We can put any image of who we want (to be) online for people who do not truly know us, they can believe it’s us because they have never met us in person. To take off that mask and to be real, this is why we have a problem with loneliness in our society. We struggle to be real, to be raw, to be vulnerable.”

“Life is too important to do alone.”

“We are not called to be best friends with the world, but we are called to build and initiate friendship with those in our personal world.”

“God created us to be a communal people, and loneliness has no say in that.”

“One of the devil’s “best tricks” is isolating us, he wants us to be on our own so that we are not around other people and are much less likely to be refined.”

“Let’s purpose to be friends like Ruth and Naomi, to in love be devoted to each other no matter what seasons we may be walking through.”

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