Cultivating Jewels Show Notes 026 –

Cultivating Jewels Show Notes 026 –

Introduction: Bailey Ketteringham is a Christian wife, mother of two littles and high school math teacher. She is passionate about teaching others to balance work and home life with peace and purpose.

What we chat about in today’s episode: Bailey’s experience as a working mother.

– What a typical day looks like for Bailey as a working mom
– Ways she is intentional with her time

– “Mommy wars” and the comparison game
– Walking by the Spirit in making decisions for our personal families
– The ways Bailey has grown closer to the Lord in this season
– How the Lord has provided just the perfect amount of time for Bailey and her family
– Encouragement Bailey would have for fellow working mothers
– The importance of letting our children see us walking out our faith on a daily basis
– Biblical discipleship is not always done in lesson form

– The peace of living into the season you are in and not putting unneeded stress on your shoulders
– Let go of the “Pinterest expectations” you have set on yourself
– What Bailey’s husband said to her that opened her eyes to the need of slowing down
– Practical tip of how to make the most out of the time given
– Living out a Deuteronomy six type faith
– Bailey’s journey of trusting God into the place she is in now
– The trap that can be following some people on Instagram and ending up feeling less than
– The wisdom Bailey would pass down to her own children from what she has learned in this season of her life as a working mother
– – and more!!!

Quotes from our Chat:

“At first I really worried about who the influences would be in terms of the other kids and their teachers, but through the years God has reminded me that just like he is with me everywhere I go, He is with my kids.”

“It is so easy to compare yourself, and I realized I had been idolizing motherhood and being a stay at home mom and I was living in comparison without even realizing it. My intentions were Godly, I wanted my children to know the Lord, I wanted to spend more time with them and I was gaining a lot of wisdom from mothers who were stay at home moms. I felt like I couldn’t do a good enough job unless I was with my kids all day.”

“I used to wonder why He gave me this desire to stay home with them and to disciple them so intentionally, if I wouldn’t be able to. Eventually I realized that I am able to, just not in the way that I had planned.”

“Which reminded me just how necessary it is to receive God’s grace, because our own strength to do something is always insufficient, and it would have been insufficient had I been home with my kids all day. …Our own strength is not enough.”

“I realized that our children need to see us living our faith out, they need to know that it is real, they need to know that it’s not just something we learn at church or at school, than it’s more than just a book They need to see what it actually looks like – for my son to see my husband living as a Godly man, for my daughter to see me.”

“Stewart the time God has given you well. Whether you have all day or an hour in the evenings.”

“A lot of times I would obsessively try to catch up from whatever I couldn’t get done during the week. …My husband said to me a few months ago, “you have run around our house all day, and not one time have you looked at me.”

“God’s plan is different for every family and I know that I am right where God wants me, and I know that I can trust Him with my children. Our children are really His, He created them and He has a plan for them. He just trusts us to love for and care for them, but they really belong to Him.”

“I wanted to be a stay at home mom for so long because I wanted to serve the Lord in that way, and I felt called to do that. What I wasn’t doing was serving the Lord where I was.”

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