Cultivating Jewels Show Notes 027 –

Cultivating Jewels Show Notes 027 –

Topic: This week is the second installment in our Friendship Matters series! This is a series I am doing with my dear friend, Rebekah Hargraves, with whom I also wrote the book Friendship Matters Cultivating Meaningful Connections in an Isolated World. We are talking all about Biblical friendship and the lessons we can learn from six individual friendships in the New Testament. Rebekah, on her podcast (released May 18, 2022) spoke on friendships found in the Old Testament.

What we chat about in today’s episode:

The friendships of: Elizabeth with Mary, Paul with Timothy, Mark with Barnabas and Paul, Paul and Philemon with Onesimus, Jesus with Mary and Martha and finally, Jesus with John.

The importance of friendship and community

God created friendship – the truth that friendship is a gift

Remembering the people in the Bible were very real people who also had to learn how to be friends, who had sin struggles, who had to learn to relate to a Holy God

Elizabeth and Mary –
The gift of mentoring – Titus 2:3-5 relationships
The blessing that is multi-generational friendships and the importance of seeking these out
Platform ideology having no place in friendship
Comparison is a thief of joy – there is no point in being jealous of each other

Paul and Timothy
Paul looked at Timothy as a “spiritual son”
Paul saw a gift in Timothy and decided to nurture it
The importance of doing likewise for our friends

John Mark, Paul and Barnabas
– Change in friendship
– The history (found in Acts 13 and Acts 15) of how all this friendship fallout occurred
– Reconciliation

Paul, Philemon, Onesimus
– Seasonal friendship
– Second chances in friendship

Jesus, Martha and Mary
– Priorities as a Christian
– Joy
– Entering into grief with our friends

Jesus with John
– A personal friendship with Jesus

Resources mentioned: Book – Friendship Matters Cultivating Meaningful Connections in an Isolated World

Quotes from our Chat:

“There is a gift and blessing in multi-generational friendships. A depth that is not there with friends who are our own age.”

“Comparison is a thief of joy, it’s a good tool of the enemy, because he uses it to steal, kill and destroy. He uses it to tear friendships apart.”

“Elizabeth could have very easily been jealous of Mary, because here she is only 14 and has her first child and not only her first child but hello…he’s Jesus. She could have very easily been jealous. But instead she put any concept of platform aside and just loved Mary.”

“Timothy had a reputation of loving the Lord. When Paul got to know Timothy, he saw a gift in him, and decided to nurture it. Likewise we should be the biggest cheerleaders for our friends, calling out their gifting and celebrating the people they are.”

“We are not into building platforms, we are not into comparison, we need to find our people and love our people well. We need to find our people and support them in their endeavors. We need to find our people and cheer for them as they live out the calling the Lord has placed on their lives. Honoring and holding up our friends in such a way is not taking anything away from us.”

“We serve the God of reconciliation, His heart is in bringing people back together and making it better than it ever was to begin with.”

(On the topic of seasonal friends) ‘we should celebrate these friends for the blessing they are during the time they are in our lives. God brings us just the right people we will need in each season to walk through life with, to have companionship with.’”

“Boundaries are healthy and powerful and will help both friends function at their best. Without boundaries it’s very likely we are leaving room for the enemy to swoop in. … Pray and ask God for the wisdom needed to set those boundaries.”

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