Cultivating Jewels Show Notes 028 –

Cultivating Jewels Show Notes 028 –

Introduction: Bree Blum is the Ministry Leader + Community Connector of Intentional Filling, an online ministry that seeks to help women intentionally study the context of Scripture to become rooted in the Word of God. Bree has always been a lover of the Word, but used to struggle studying it. Since learning to read Scripture through a Middle Eastern Lens, from the perspective of the original audience, she has found confidence in the context, and a passion for getting to know the heart of God better. The same is possible for you, pinky promise!

What we chat about in today’s episode:
Bree shares, from the work she does in her personal ministry, all about the importance of viewing scripture through a Jewish mindset and how that impacts our personal relationship with the Lord.

– We get to know God ( and His character) better when we read through the cultural, historical, geographical and religious linguistic context.

– Getting to know Jesus as we better understand the correct context of the Word

– The difference in a Western mindset and a middle eastern mindset in reading the Bible

– How Bree herself started studying the Scripture in it’s correct context and how she now has a ministry of helpoing others to do this very thing.

– Learning to see the Bible in living color

– In the Western world our faith can be one of comfort, one of wanting ease and safety. We can be hard pressed to find a church that is sinking their teeth down into the meat of the Word of God.

– How over the last two years more people are seeking comfort in their Bibles and from the Lord after all we have walked through as a people

– Evidence that the Lord is moving in this generation

– Becoming familiar with your own study Bible – learning how to use the resources inside the covers of your Bible

– The power of starting our Bible reading in Genesis and learning the backstory of the New Testament

-Bree encourages us to get comfortable writing in our Bibles, taking notes in the margins, underlining and highlighting …

– The importance of names in Judaism

– Don’t be afraid to use Google to search out information, as long as you are checking multiple sources as we all know anyone can put anything online

– Bree’s favorite resources in studying the Word

– Devotion takes time, we cannot grow by checking our Bible reading off of a to-do list

– Community being huge to our walks with the Lord and each other, fulfilling the two greatest commandments

– Not shying away from hard questions

– Biblical feasts and their importance to us as believers today

Resources mentioned:

Bibles –
The Complete Jewish Study Bible insights for Jews and Christians
Zondervan cultural backgrounds study bible

Jesus and Women by Kristi McLelland
seven feasts Erin Davis

Podcast –
Pearls by Kristi Kristi McLelland

Website –
various translations of the Word, commentaries

Quotes from our Chat:

“We learned to take the black and white with occasional red words of the pages of the Bible, to bringing them to living color. We are learning to begin to search for the heart of God by studying the context.”

“In the west we are pretty comfortable, we kind of live a comfortable and safe faith. Sunday morning messages are often presented as a way to inspire us to be better people. When it comes to really digging into the heart of Scripture, it can be rather shallow sometimes.”

“In our twenty-first century culture, we are much more what would be considered Greco-Roman, so we seek comfort, we seek luxury and knowledge. We are more focused on those kind of things, rather than the Hebraic which would be seeking to know God and knowing and living in His Word. Rabbi’s memorized the entirety of the Torah…to be able to hold the word of God within you at that depth is incredible. That’s not something …we may memorize a passage or memorize a verse to kind of be as a personal mantra… but we do not take in the Word of God in the same way they do.”

“The very first thing I always encourage women (who are seeking to know God better) is to talk with the Author of the book, so to spend some time in prayer.”

“When we read novels we do not skip to chapter twelve and read the third paragraph on the page, and then skip over to chapter forty-five and read the second line down …we start at the beginning, we start at page one and read all of the way through. If Scripture is read chronologically from beginning to end, its amazing how you can put the pieces together, it’s like putting together a puzzle. It’s enriching. It really truly enlightens us to see the plan that God has had from the beginning of time to restore His people and to bring them home. Seeing the Old Testament and knowing those stories brings a richness to the New testament.”

“In Judaism your name is your verb. Learning the meanings behind names add to context of characters, places they reside and where it is they are heading to…all of these things that we don’t read just on the page, really help to bring black and white to living color.”

“We want to scratch things off of our to-do list and we want to move on. If you really truly want to grow and know the heart of God better, it’s going to take a bit of time. Just the same as anything you are learning takes and requires some investment. I promise you, once you start into it, you are going to find that hunger for more.”

“Community is a central part of your faith and it just makes it so much more inviting and enriching.”

“Once you do (start taking more time to study the Word in it’s context) you’re not going to want to go back to those fifteen minute sessions. You’re going to want to carve out some time … make the time, schedule it in, set a timer. Do whatever it is that is necessary for you to really dig in and to find Him. He is there, on every single page and it is beautiful to discover.”

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