Cultivating Jewels Shownotes 030 –

Cultivating Jewels Shownotes 030 –

Topic: This week’s solo episode is all about Chapter Four Growing in Your Friendships…by Jesus’ Example in the friendship book (Friendship Matters) I wrote with my dear friend Rebekah Hargraves in 2020.

What we chat about in today’s episode:
I begin by sharing with you where I got the idea to write this book and who I automatically thought of writing it with.

Our desire is that every woman would be able to experience what God had in store and in mind for us as we go about making friends.

My portion of this chapter begins by looking at our friendship with God and how we can grow in this relationship.

– God first called Abraham friend

We specifically look at:

1). Bible Study

– The Bible is our “field guide” telling us how we can grow in our relationship with the Lord

– The Bible is anything but boring there is so much goodness in it and the Lord’s word will never return void to us

– It is when we do not take the time to nourish our souls with the Word of God that we begin to notice distance become a thing in our relationship with God

2). Prayer
– How beautiful is it that we as the created, are able to share our hearts with the Creator

– ‘Pray hardest when it is hardest to pray’ – our enemy is going to work against us so that we have hurdles to overcome in our prayer walks

3). Worship
– What 1st Chronicles 16 teaches us about worship

– Worship is more than just singing : we can worship by declaring God’s goodness, thanking Him, creating, etc.

– God wants us to worship Him freely because of who He is, because of the glory due His name!

4). Growing in the Spiritual Fruits

– When we grow in our friendship with the Lord, when these fruits of the Spirit are therefore cultivated, we become more like God. It is our sanctification journey.

– living as close to the Lord as we can, growing as much of the fruits of the Spirit we can
– It is the Spirit’s fruit and He is the one who is in charge of growing it in our lives, the only way this is possible is when we are walking in close relationship with Him.

Then we move on to talking about making friends with the lost world (carrying out the great commission if you will)

1). Loving Others to Christ
We must understand that God has love in His heart for those who have yet to come to Him. He hung His only Son on a cross for these very people.

Bible thumping and judging others is not the way to bring them to Christ

In it’s essence, faith is not a matter of reason

Without Christ even our best works are nothing but filthy rags: we have to remember we too were once apart from God!

2). Mary Magdalene and Jesus

*God made both genders to be equal and we need to believe that. It’s when we do not believe that we see problems arising.

* It’s okay then to have friendship with the opposite gender as long as we are respecting boundaries

* Jesus has a heart for sinners

Part two we wrap up the chapter by talking about how to cultivate friendships with others

How do we cultivate friendships we alreadgy have in our lives?

We must take the time to grow our friendships

Resources mentioned: Friendship Matters Book –

Quotes from our Chat:

“Similar to a garden, our friendships take cultivation and care to grow into life-giving connections in our lives.”

“God wants us to be in friendship with Him, but He also gave us free will. He doesn’t force us to follow Him, any more than we can force our gardens to grow and bloom like we would like them to.”

“We twenty-first century Christians have almost made it too easy to not be in the Word daily.”

“Ladies, it’s time to get off the bench. It is time to make our relationship with God the most important relationship in our lives.”

“Worship may look like going on a drive and noticing wild flowers, and the sunset or the sun sending sparkles against the water. .. Really anything, as Noah Webster says, that honors God with extravagant love.”

“We as individuals then have the power to shape and direct others. Which means we ought to be living as closely to the Lord as we can, growing as many of these fruits of the Spirit as we can, so that our influence on others will be good…will be Christlike. The opposite of the fruits of the spirit are things like hate and bitterness, anxiety, rudeness, things that have the power to destroy our friendships.”

“In the shadow of the cross there is no room for anything other than loving others to a God who can change their lives, as He is our own.”

“We all have to lay our sickness of sin down at the foot of the cross and walk into sanctification with the Lord.”

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