About Amber

Hi I am Amber! It’s so nice to “meet” you. It is my hope that the Lord will bless your time here and that you will leave feeling encouraged, built up and ready to dive deeper into your relationship with the Lord. I pray that after reading the words I share here, you feel like you have someone in your corner who “gets it”. 

I always enjoy meetng new people and one of the first things I tend to do when reading a new blog is to visit their “about me” page. With that in mind … 

Things that make me me

I am a:

– Child of God
– Wife
– Boy momma
– Author #WalkbytheSpiritbook #FriendshipMattersbook
– Reader of good books
– Truth seeker
– Montanan

I love:
– A good cup of coffee 
– Sun light dancing across the sky
– Friendship chats
– Wildflowers
– Tradition and the simple joys

10 facts to help you get to know me:

1). I love to listen to people tell stories, especially those tested by time.
2). Spring and Indian Summer (roughly mid April-mid October in my neck of the woods) are my favorite seasons. 
3). I have a gigantic sweet tooth, and love to bake. I am a frosting girl and could leave the cake behind. I do try to eat as clean as possible though so finding healthy *yummy* recipes has been a fun past time!
4). At 5’1” I am shorter than just about well….everyone.
5). As a child I always dreamed of being a teacher and now home-educate our children.
6). I believe joy is always able to be found, it is up to us to look for it!
7). I have my degree in psychology and would love to do something in the way of Christian eating disorder recovery one day. 
8). I have run two half marathons 
9). Casting Crowns Pandora Station and 90s country are my jam
10). I am writing my first solo book (I have co-authored two others). 

Now that I have shared about me I would love to hear from you! Please find the contact page and drop me a note.

I can already tell, this is the start of a beautiful friendship. I’m sure glad you’re here!

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