The Heartbeat behind Cultivating Jewels

It is my hope that you would feel at home here. As if we were sitting around my living room sipping on coffee and discussing matters that bring meaning to all of our lives. 

Girls in a Coffee Shop

My heart is to equip women to see their life in light of the Gospel as together we walk out our Salvation with fear and trembling before the The Lord. I hope to show you that the promise of abundance found in John 10:10 is for the here and now and not reserved only for eternal life. Life on earth can (and should be) beautiful and celebrated, it ought to be full of joy and that is the place I would like for us all to reside. It is my prayer that this blog (and all that Cultivating Jewels encompasses) will minister to your heart and be a place of encouragement.

Soli deo Gloria!

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