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Rebekah Thompson

The First Six Weeks: Thriving Naturally on Your Postpartum Journey provides expectant and new mommas the information they need to help them thrive in postpartum. Many women plan everything for their labor and delivery with extensive birth plans and graphs, but they tend to forget that the first year postpartum needs just as planning and care. We don’t need to be supermom, we just grew a human for nine months, we need to take care of ourselves with good nutrition, self-care, and an understanding of how our bodies are changing. The book includes information about recovery from vaginal and cesarean birth, tips for breastfeeding and bottle feeding, ideas for helping you and your family adjust to the addition of your little one, and more.

Stephanie Miller

Here you will find Stephanie’s free resource for “Are you Busy or Faithful”, Do You Wear Busy as a Badge of Honor?

  • Key scriptures for when you are tired/weary
  • The Armor of God passage
  • Examples of when Jesus took time out to pray
  • Questions to ask yourself when determining if you’re being busy or fruitful,aps,162&sr=8-1&linkCode=sl1&tag=butterflybe01-20&linkId=e7d7593baa86a5a6c7fac6c6195b6ee3&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl

Amber Durgan

In spite of the exploding popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, we nevertheless continue to fall deeper and deeper into an isolationist time and culture. Add in issues like pandemics and quarantine, mommy wars and a lack of unity, comparison and competition, infighting and a lack of love, busyness and complacency, and it isn’t any wonder that so many of us struggle to find life-giving, sharpening friendships to bolster us in our walk with the Lord.

Bella Easterbrook

Finding Jesus in the Old Testament
Do you want to know more about the Old Testament and how it connects to Jesus?
Do you want to reflect deeply on the faithfulness of God?

If so, my friend, than this is for you!

Brittany Pennel

Live Life Well Blog

Intentionality in faith, home, finances and wellness

Rebekah Hargraves

As moms, we have voices coming at us from all directions on a daily basis – voices from the culture, the church, the parenting “experts”, our own parents, and others. And you know what the real kicker is? The voices all vary in what they are telling us is true! As if this weren’t confusing enough, add to it the fact that we are daily bombarded by lies from our old enemy, Satan, as well, and we are left with an overwhelming cesspool of deception. But take heart, mama. There is good news! We are not left to our own devices in motherhood, desperately trying to sift through all the voices on our own. God, in His infinite mercy and grace, has provided us with unchanging truth in His Word that is able to combat each and every lie that could ever be thrown at us

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